Antique Trader Collectible Paperback Price Guide
by Gary Lovisi

This lovely 302 page price guide lists values in Good, Very Good and Fine condition for almost four thousand of the most collectible and most valuable key American mass-market paperbacks and shows over 1,000 covers in startling, gorgeous full-color. The book is printed on quality slick paper and is a handy 6 x 9" size. It covers each genre by chapter, with chapters on Fantastic Fiction (SF/F/H), Mysteries & Crime, Westerns, Movie and TV tie-ins, Sex and Social Issues, and more! There is a listing for pseudonyms, recommended dealers, book shows, an index of authors and more! There has never been a book like this before in our hobby and I believe it will become the template for all future books about books. I have seen preliminary copies of the book and it is simply gorgeous and full of vital collector data! It is published by Krause Publications, the leader in books on antiques and collectibles.

Cover price: $19.99 + postage.
Release date: May 23, 2008

How To Order:
The official Krause Publications website

Bookstores: the book will be sold at Barnes & Nobles, and copies should be available at D. Daltons, Waldens and all major chain bookstores, located in their collectibles section.

The book can be pre-ordered now at various book seller websites: Tower Books, and, Barnes &, and

The book can also be ordered at my website, through The total price is $25.00, which includes Priority Mail. Copies signed upon request. You can pay using VISA or Mastercard (send card info in 2-3 emails, or mail a check or money order to: Gryphon Books, PO Box 209, Brooklyn, NY, 11228-0209.

Book dealers and stores wishing to order multiple copies for resale can contact Brenda Mazamke at Krause Books, at