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I’ve been publishing Paperback Parade now for over 25 years, since 1986! It is the world’s leading and longest-running magazine on vintage and collectable paperbacks of all kinds and covers books from all nations. Each 100-page issue, with full-color covers, is loaded with articles and interviews on collectable authors and artists along with information you’ll find no where else on rare paperbacks and fascinating series, and often outrageous cover art from the US and other countries, with many of the best covers shown. Paperback Parade is published 3-4 times per year.


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Paperback Parade



[] #80, the 25th Anniversary issue from January 2012, a long conversation between Lawrence Block and Robert Silverberg where they talk about their early writing, sleaze paperbacks, and more; crime author Jesse Sublett on Whip Hand by Charles Willeford; The SF of George O. Smith by Jon Swartz; UK SF artist  “Leroi” by Phil Harbottle; rare Red Arrow Books by Jim Fitzpatrick; John Harrison on “The Rise of the Sleazy Paperback”; Richard Kellogg on Philip Wylie’s novel The Smuggled Atom Bomb, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #79, Oct. 2011, features the Frankenstein Horror paperback series; the 2nd part of Dan Roberts’ excellent examination of the ‘Black Experience’ paperbacks from Holloway House Books with a checklist of titles continued from PP78; Jukka Murtosaari looks at Breathless Homicidal Slime Mutants; Those Dirty Books From Gay Paree; A Canadian Fools Die; Century Science Fiction by Jon Swartz; 10 Gold Medal Novels I’ve Really Enjoyed by Fred Cropper; an Appreciation of UK science fiction author D.F. Jones by Gary Lovisi, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #78, July 2011, Sold Out.



[] #77, Feb. 2011, a special Charles Beckman, Jr., pulp paperback issue, with an interview with Beckman by Gary Lovisi, an article by him on his pulp writing, a Beckman book list, Letters from pulp editors to Beckman from the 1940s, letters to Beckman from pulp editor/authors Talmadge Powell and Robert Turner from the 1940s; “Jazz Meets Murder on Honky Tonk Street” by Gary Lovisi, a book review article of this classic Falcon digest; “Remembering Edwin Charles Tubb” by Phil Harbotle; Jacket Library list by Dan Roberts; LA Bantam and Vending by Jim Fitzpatrick, news, ads, letters, more!



 [] #76, Nov. 2012, Sold Out.


[]#75, July 2010, a detailed conversation with science fiction legend Norman Spinrad by Gary Lovisi; The Linford Mystery Library; A Sleaze Investigation (of Orrie Hitt) by Michael Hemmingson; Dirty Harry pbs by Peter Enfantino; Canada’s Studio Pocket Books by Jim Fitzpatrick; A Letter to Collectors by Moe Wadle; Philip Wylie’s Nuclear Nightmare by Richard Kellogg; Harlequin Books 60th Anniversary by Jim Fitzpatrick; mystery author John Creasey by crime writer Michael A. Black, ads, news, letters, more!



[] #74, April, 2010, Sold Out.



[] #73, Sept. 2009, Sold Out.



[] #72, May 2009, Sold Out.



[] #71, Dec. 2008, an interview with western author legend Elmer Kelton by Gary Lovisi and an article on his original pbs; Remembering The Eighth Street Bookshop articles by Dan Roberts, Rebecca Yanin and Charles Brown; canadian News Stand Library 2nd series by Jim Fitzpatrick; the art of George Salter by Dan Crawford; a rare New Zealand JD pb Our Street; make Believe Paperbacks by Lynn Munroe; the “John Easy” mysteries of Ron Goulart by Jon Swartz; “The Tough Pulp Fiction of Jim Harmon” by John Harrison; crime and sf author Stephen Marlowe remembered by Graham Andrews, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #70, July 2008, a celebration of 50s/60s sexy magazine and paperback cover girl Betty Brosmer, with an article and interview with Betty Brosmer by Gary Lovisi; The Phantom Ballantine by Don Z. Block; “Collecting Paperbacks Made Me Healthy” a fun look at the hobby by Gerald Tilley; Canadian White Circle Photo covers by Jim Fitzpatrick (see PP73); “In A Nutshell” a detailed 1953 article about the early days of mass-market paperbacks wit comments by many editors of the time; Avon Round-Cornered Paperbacks by Dan Roberts; Wilson Tucker: His Life & Books by Jon Swartz, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #69, Jan. 2008, Sold Out.



[] #68, August 2007, Sold Out.



[] #67, Feb. 2007, Sold Out.



[] #66, Sept. 2006, 20th Anniversary issue, Ed Lacy The NYC Crime Author by Ed Lynskey; an Ed Lacy pb list compiled by Steve Lewis; an unusual salesman sample pb; an interview with Lion author Linton Baldwin by Kurt Brokaw; Remembering Mickey Spillane by Lynn Myers; Spillane Memories by John Paish; sf author Chad Oliver by Jon Swartz; Award Books: An Under-Appreciated Series by Dan Roberts & Steve Lewis; He’s Your Favorite Mystery Writer? by Gerald Tilley; an interview with western pb artist John Leone by Gary Lovisi and a checklist of his paperbacks, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #65: Feb. 2006, Sold Out.



[] #64, Oct. 2005, Sold Out.



[] #63, May 2005, The Masked Rider series by Al Tonik; The Dell Dimers by Jon Swartz; Marvelous (Marvel Comics in pb) Reading by Christopher Geraghty; Gnome Press Paperbacks by Morgan A. Wallace; The Novels of Wade Miller by Fred Cropper; an interview with Robert Wade by Fred Cropper; an interview with pulp and crime pb author James McKimmey by Allan Guthrie; “The Lurid Teen Paperbacks of Jack W. Thomas” by John Harrison; Pioneer Press Paperbacks by Dan Roberts; Penguin #1000 by Tony Davis; NYC PB Show photos; Finding sleaze artist Bill Edwards by L. Truman Douglas, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #62, August 2004, Science Fiction in the Dell Mapbacks by Jon Swartz; Behind the Scene at Hard Case Crime by Jeff Gelb; rare Pocket Book #1258 by Moe Wadle; Girl-Fight PB Covers by Gary Lovisi; Vampirella in pb by Christopher Geraghty; Remembering book dealer and collector Jon White with tributes by Steven Feinberg, Kurt Brokaw, Stu Windwer, Gary Lovisi, Tom Lesser; Remembering collector Bill Wegerer with tributes by Tom Lesser, Andrew Jensen, Dan Roberts and Gary Lovisi; “Collectable Science Fiction Magazines” by Jon White; a French paperback mini-guide by Clive Jones; the 8 Stanley Library on back cover, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #61, May 2004, Harlem Underground: Black Paperbacks by Miriam Linna and a Black vintage pbs list compiled by Miriam Linna; an interview with author Julius Fast and a book list by Gary Lovisi; Avon Book #4 printings by Dan Roberts; Remembering Tony Scibella by Rose Idlet and Tom Lesser; Harlequin western pbs by David and Susannah Bates; an interview with Richard Layman by Gary Lovisi; a visit with pb and pulp original art collector Robert Lesser by Kurt Brokaw; Con Sellers sleaze books by Brittany Daley; Headline Books complete 8 books series in color on back cover, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #60, Oct. 2003, an in-depth article on David Goodis and his books by Laurence Miller; classic cover artist Walter Popp interview and list by Gary Lovisi; Lance Casebeer tributes by Tom Lesser, Art Scott; the “New” Armed Service Editons by Gary Lovisi; a history of the old Paperback Collector’s Newsletter by it’s editor Louis Black; a review of Lynn Munroe’s catalog; a look at Day Keene by Pat S. Calhoun; Ramble House Books by Gary Lovisi; Ward Lock SF by Philip Harbottle; Brazil’s Tecnoprint Paperbacks by Gary Lovisi, news, ads, letters, more!


[] #59, April 2003, On Writing Lesbian Pulp: An Interview With Ann Bannon by Gary Lovisi; Ann Bannon Rediscovrered by Kate Brandt; Ann Bannon’s Cleis Press reprints; Ann Bannon in Paperback compiled by Gary Lovisi; an essay on Jim Thompson by Dave Zeltserman; A Look at Black Wings Has My Angel by Gary Lovisi; a big find in Mexico City by Brian Emrich; Peff, the British Master Artist by Gary Lovisi; a Peff pb list compiled by Ray Steptoe; “The James Bond Phenemenon” by artist Samuel J. Peffer, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #58, “The Getaway Man & Andrew Vachss” an interview by Gary Lovisi; Hal Ellson and his followers by Carl Alesi; Robert Bonfils and Earl Kemp at the LA PB Show; Reform School Girl a sales history by Larry Truman Douglas; Henry Slesar an appreciation by Gary Lovisi; All about The Great American Paperback by Richard A, Lupoff, and Art Scott; Aussie Action & Leisure Crime Digests by Gary Lovisi; western reprints by Phil Harbottle; Chester Himes by Clifford Thompson; NYC PB Show photos; Gil Brewer: Skid Row Scholar by Tim Murphy, news, ads, letters, more!




[] #57, April 2002, Early Nightstand Books by Chris Eckhoff; Abortion in the Paperbacks by Gary Lovisi; pulp author Bruce Cassidy bio and biblio by Richard Bleier; an interview with Bruce Cassidy by Gary Lovisi; private eyes in crime fiction by Tim Murphy; NYC PB Show photos; Unbilled Stars by Graham Andrews; an interview with beat poet and author Charles Plymell by Dave Selitto; The Look of Love reviewed by Gary Lovisi; about Victor Joseph Hanson by Phil Harbottle, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #56, July 2001, an interview with crime and sf author Henry Slesar by Gary Lovisi and a Slesar pb list; Hank Janson: Best of Tough Gangsters by Allan C. Tagg; The 5 Hank Janson Series; The River Oaks Story continues by Karen Black; Two Rare Dust-Jacketed Paperbacks by Dan Roberts; Carney Books: Carney Cuties & Killers by Kurt Brokaw; an interview with the man who was Ted Mark, Ted Gottfried by Gary Lovisi and a pb list; rare Boardman Pocket Readers by Tom Lesser; Collecting Collins Nine Pence Novels by Gary Lovisi, news, ads, letters, more!


[] #55, Jan. 2001, an interview with Gold Medal author A.S. “Sid” Fleischman by Gary Lovisi and a pb list of his books; UK reprints by Phil Harbottle; a review of vintage noir pb Shadow of a Hero; “Science Fiction You’ll Want” by J. Lincoln Thorner; Swedish cover artist Bertil Hegland and his art for Swedish Manhattan Books interview by Iwan Morelius; crime pbs by Jack Moskovitz; “Holloway In The House” by Brian King on Holloway House pbs; the Mexican “Coyote” series by Brian Emrich, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #54, July 2000, Sold Out.



[] #53, Nov. 1999, Sold Out.



[] #52, May 1999, an interview with spy and pb pulpster Walter Wager (aka John Tiger) by Gary Lovisi and a list of all Wager’s pbs; an interview with pb author Len Levinson and a list of his many pbs under pseudonyms; neglected crime authors by Tim Murphy; a tribute to crime author Mike Avallone by Gary Lovisi; appreciations of UK SF cover artist Ron Turner by Phil Harbottle; John Lawrence, Gary Lovisi; writing erotic pbs by John Maclay; “Collectable Paperback Science Fiction” by Jonathan White; Penzler’s Pulp Paperbacks by Gary Lovisi; a pb find in Mexico by Brian Emrich; pulp writing and Robert Bloch memories by Harold Gauer; strangulation pb cover art by Gary Lovisi; UK Dragon Books by Tom Lesser and a Dragon Books list by Richard Williams; Black Hill Books published by Guy N. Smith, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #51, an interview with science fiction legend Jack Williamson by Gary Lovisi and a list of his paperbacks; “Jack Williamson: The Pathfinder” by Fred Pohl; the 19th NYC PB Expo photos; 10 Great Gold Medal Crime Classics by Bernie Nahaboff; “How Sleaze Got its Name” by John Keyes; a look at UK Ace Capelli’s Chain of Violence pb by Gary Lovisi; SF artist David Mattingly interviewed by Glenn Erardi; a rare Dutch movie tie-in series by Clive Jones; the Ballantine Adult fantasy Series by G. Warlock Vance; pulp memories by pulp author Betty Schambacher; on Ray Bradbury and The Illustrated Man by Fred Cropper, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #50, May 1998, “The Name is Willeford” by Don Herron an extensive article on crime author Charles Willeford; an interview with sf writer Algis Budrys by Gary Lovisi and a list of his pbs; “The Secret Pulps of Walter Mitty” by Richard A. Lupoff; James Avati reported by Gary Lovisi and Ron Blum; how pbs are pulped by Glen Engel-Cox; great science fiction to read by J. Lincoln Thorner; Paperback Leg Art Covers by Gary Lovisi; “Some Notes on The Lone Wolf” by Barry N. Malzberg; Bill Pronzini interveiwed by Peter Enfantino; the pseudonyms of UK sf writer John Russell Fearn by Philip Harbottle, news, ads, letters, more!


[] #49: Dec. 1997, Adult-Oriented Gay and Lesbian Paperbacks during the Golden Age by Laurence Miller and a checklist of all titles; an appreciation of collector John Garbarino; 1960s Gay American Erotic Paperbacks by Tom Norman; a conversation with sf cover artist Barclay Shaw; “In Praise of 0008 and Clyde Allison” by Jeff Gelb; a disclaimer for a Signet Western pb; news, ads, letters, more!



[] #48, June 1997, an extensive article on hard crime and western author William Ard by Dennis Miller and an Ard pb list; the 6th UK PB Show news and photos by Jim Combs and Peter Chapman; writing sleaze and soft-core pbs in the late 60s by Jack Moskovitz and a list of all his pbs; an interview with sf and sleaze author Richard E. Geis by Gary Lovisi with a list of all his pbs compiled by Chris Eckhoff; news, ads, letters, more!



[] #47, Feb. 1997, an interview with Marijane Meaker (aka Vin Packer and Ann Aldrich) by Gary Lovisi and a list of all her pbs; “The Sons of Spillane” by Lynn F. Myers Jr., writers who wrote as buddies of Mickey; Bruno Fischer pbs by Klaas de Krijger; “The Golden Age of Gay and Lesbian Literature in mainstream PBs” by Laurence Miller and a list of all the pbs; a appreciation of paperback collector Paul Payne by Tom Lesser; “Griff: Some Rats Have Two Legs” by Steve Holland, a look at the hot 50s UK gangster series; Midwood memories by Mike Avallone, news, ads, letters, more!


[] #46, spoecial Mickey Spillane issue with an interview with Spillane by Gary Lovisi and a list of Spillane pbs; “Darkness Before Noon” by Mike Avallone a Spillane tribute; a short talk with Mickey by John Garbarino; “Collecting Spillane in Paperback” by Gary Lovisi; “Night of Guns” by Lynn F. Myers, Jr., an extensive article on Spillane; the effect of Spillane and his sales on Signet Books by Thomas L. Bonn; a Spillane appreciation by Gary Lovisi, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #45, May 1996, “The Least Known Bestseller” by Laurence James; UK author and editor Laurence James’ books and pseudonyms; a short history of SF art in PB by Vincent Di Fate; rare Carter Brown Australian Scientific Thriller by Sean McMullen; Belli Luigi and Karl Mannheim in Australian Scientific Thrillers by Michael J. Tolley; an interview with Manhunt and pulp pb and sleaze author Morris Hershman; Brooklyn Library paperback exhibit; the gangster novels of W.R. Burnett by Charley Culpepper; Dealer’s Inside Dope by Black Ace Books Rose Idlet; Brave New World cover-up article by Steve Butterman; Collector Profile: Jonathan White, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #44, Nov. 1995, a special E.C. Tubb issue of all his rare 50s UK science fiction and an intro to Tubb by Philip Harbottle; “The Early Work of E.C. Tubb” by E.C. Tubb; Tubb’s early SF novels and a list of his pbs by Phil Harbottle; an interview with book collector and bibliographer Pat Hawk by Gary Lovisi; the Dumarest novels of E.C. Tubb by Graham Andrews and a pb list of them; pseudonyms of E.C. Tubb by Graham Andrews; a review of the Collecting Romance Novels price guide; western novels that take place in winter by Dennis Miller; “And Then There Was Avo” by Mike Avallone, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #43, August 1995, Sold Out.



[] #42, May 1995, Edgar Rice Burroughs in 50s and 60s UK Four-Square paperbacks and a list of all pbs by Bill Ross; “John Eric Holmes & Mahars of Pellucidar” by John Martin; an appreciation and interview with vintage cover artist Walter Popp by Gary Lovisi with a list of his pb covers; British Four-Square Books Cigarette Cards (showing some ERB pbs) by Brian Emrich; “Collecting The Imperfect” by Roy James; Conan in paperback by Bernard A. Drew; a look at the sales distribution of 50s UK sf Vargo Statten novel Man in Duplicate, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #41, March 1995, “The First 100 Bantams” by Bill Lyles; “The Bantam Endpapers” by Bill Lyles; British Biker and Skinhead paperbacks by Martin J. Heaphy; an interview with crime and sf writer Howard Browne by Gary Lovisi and a list of his books and pseudonyms; Collector Profile: Tom Lesser; covers art showing wounded guys by Dennis Miller; a review of Gray Usher’s rare UK gangster digest Triggerman by Gary Lovisi; an ode to the Clinton Book Shop by Jeff Gelb; cover art that shows bodies in bathtubs by Ellen A. Nehr; 6th NYC PB Show and photos, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #40, Oct. 1994, a look at the rare 50s German Panther Books crime series and a book list by Jan Ehling and Josef Hoffmann; Collector Profile: Tony Scibella; ‘backwoods’ paperbacks by Roy G. James; an interview with science fiction and horror author F. Paul Wilson by Gary Lovisi with a list of Wilson’s paperbacks; the old pulp and pb writers by Mike Avallone; “On Good Girl Art” by Lynn Munroe; “Notes on Good Girl Art” by Richard Lieberson; a quick look and review of the 50s sexy digest Gin Wedding, news, ads, letters, more!


[] #39, a detailed article on the rare 50s crime Australian Star Books digest series by Graeme Flanagan; rare UK Badger Books by Steve Holland; Robert Bloch article and pb list by Randall D. Larson; a conversation with Robert Bloch by Peter Enfantino; paperback cover art showing eyes by Dennis Miller; “Ed Gorman” by Peter Enfantino; on the rare UK Hank Janson science fiction novel The Unseen Assassin by Philip Harbottle; “The Best Places to Find Paperbacks” by Gary Lovisi, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #38, April 1994, “Paperback Memoirs” by early and influential collector and scholar William H. Lyles; rare UK Boardman Boosk hardcovers by Tom Lesser; 5th NYC PB Show photos; vintage pb and pulp author Dan Cushman interviewed by George Tuttle; an article on Dan Cushman’s “Oakleg” McQuarrie by Dan Cushman; Dell #1 by Bruce Harris; Collector Profiles: Lance Casebeer and John D. Seymour; the rare 50s UK Tit-Bits Science Fiction Library digests by Philip Harbottle; Wyatt Earp in paperback by Dennis Miller; a look at the critical UK study of US pbs and comics Parade of Pleasure by Gary Lovisi; a short article on Rog Phillips’ Time Trap by Gary Lovisi, news, ads, letters, more!



[] 37, #Jan. 1994, an interview with author Joe Lansdale by Gary Lovisi and a list of all Lansdale pbs and pseudonyms; an appreciation of Joe Lansdale by Peter Enfantino; Colecting Lansdale in Paperback by Gary Lovisi; crime author Robert Edmond Alter in paperback by Dan Roberts; the Greg Quist western paperback novels by Link Hullar and Nick Carr; a Greg Quist pb list by Link Hullar; paperbacks that collect stories from The Saturday Evening Post by Alex Henzel; rare 50s UK Badger Crime and Mystery Paperbacks by Tom Lesser; an interview with horror artist Harry O.  Morris by Denis Tiani; responses on the Black Ace Books questionaire about pb collectors and collecting, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #36, Oct. 1993, an interview with science fiction and sleaze paperback author George O. Smith by Gary Lovisi and a list of all his paperbacks and pseudonyms; The Two George O. Smiths by James A. Corrick; the paperbacks of George “Harmon” Smith by James A. Corrick; “White Lady Goes Native” by Dennis Miller; Unbilled Stars by Graham Andrews; a look at the rare 50s UK World Fantasy Classics by Philip Harbottle; writing in the paperbacks by pulp pb author Tedd Thomey; NJ PB Expo photos, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #35, August 1993, part 2 of an extensive interview with Popular Library editor and Monarch Books publisher (and western author) Charles N. Heckelmann by Gary Lovisi; the story of rare 50s UK Pedigree Books and Edwin Self by Steve Holland; an Edwin Self pb list by Steve Holland; the long lost H. Beam Piper “Fuzzy” novel by Gary Lovisi; the Golden Dream, a Fuzzy Oddessy story by it’s author Ardath Mayhar; a look at the 8th paperback printing of H. Beam Piper’s Little Fuzzy by Gary Lovisi; H. Beam Piper in paperback compiled by Gary Lovisi; the NYC, LA and NJ PB Shows reports and photos; paperbacks with monsters on the cover by Gary Lovisi; a look at Piper’s Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen by Joseph T. Major, news, ads, letters, more!



[] #34, June 1993, “Of Western Pulps and Paperbacks” by western author and editor Charles N. Heckelmann; part 1 of an extensive interview with Popular Library editor and western author Charles N. Heckelmann by Gary Lovisi with a list of all his paperback westerns; Harlequin Intrigue Pseudonyms by Victor Berch; Guns of Violence and S.C. Dickeos by John Wright (a 50s UK Digit pb); rare 50s South African Dassie Books by Tony Davis; novelizing films into paperback by Randall D. Larson; the weird fiction of Clark Ashton Smith by Steve Mitchell with many rare paperback covers shown; French paperbacks by Miriam Linna, news, ads, letters, more!



#33, March 1993, “The Golden Era of Gold Medal Books” by George Tuttle; an interview with editor Knox Burger by Royce H. Allen; Gold Medal movie tie-in pbs by George Tuttle; a checklist of Gold Medal Books pseudonyms by Victor Berch; Gold Medal Books NOT in the Guides by Peter Chapman; Is it a Gold Medal or a Signet? by Gary Lovisi; a look at two Rudy Belarski pb covers by Tony Davis; rare 50s Australian Lion Books digests by Graeme Flanagan; Colliers Books by James A. Corrick, news, ads, letters, more!





SOLD OUT issues #2-7, 9, 11, 15, 20